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Hallo there, welcome to PartnerMatters. I am Julia Sullivan, and next to my work training teams and organisations via How Company I enable couples to resolve tensions and strengthen their partnership through the way they communicate with themselves and the other.

I believe in the power of human beings, and I believe that most organisations (that includes couples and families) only get to see a fraction of what their members are capable of.

Qualities such as focus, care, integrity, humbleness, openness, courage, clarity, humour, creativity, determination, daring etc are what make organisations and families really work. Teams and families who work with me discover and develop authentic qualities that help them run their lives and businesses much more successfully than before.

The tools I work with are easy to use so participants can benefit from them for the rest of their life, in their work and at home. Many trainees are astonished to discover how quickly they are able to resume healthy communication and get things working smoothly again.